Welcome to the Charms WikiEdit

Charms are a group of friends on different websites who make the most of each site and wish to make their mark on it. On each website, each Charm society is ruled by the username bananaface13.

Although that is a username on Zwinky and Twitter, that is not the bananaface13 that starts Charms societies. So far, Charms groups exist on Stardoll and now Wikia, although I am planning on expanding to other websites such as Girl's Life, Animal Jam, Lip Smacker, Webkinz, Poptropica, et cetera. The Charms take advantage of every opportunity on a website and make it their duty to be fabulous, popular, talented, graceful, smart, and happy! : )
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The key to the Charms everywhere.

Charms in the MomentEdit

The Charms on Wikia do not have any members as of now. Right now, you are in the headquarters of the Charms. There are two Charms on Stardoll who are active in their positions: Senator Em Jay (surfsupdude) and Grand Duchess My Melody (myme1ody). All active Charms are given positions in leadership and nicknames. The members are usually between the ages of ten and sixteen and are always female. If you would like to be a Charm, join today! : )

Latest activityEdit

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